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The extraordinary journey of this DC native started when she was merely two years old. By the time she was in lessons at five, it became evident that playing the piano and making music would be at the center of her future. She studied at the Benjamin T. Rome School of Music at the Catholic University of America and earned a degree in Music Education and Piano from the College of Fine Arts at Howard University both in her hometown. She was accepted into the University of Madrid as an exchange student and subsequently did graduate work at the University of Santiago de Compostela in Santiago, Spain in a unique program for Spanish teachers.

Her love for languages and cultures is paralleled with her gift of music and performance ministry. As an exchange student at the University of Madrid (Studies: Arabic, Hebrew and Portuguese) and a full-time minister of music in the DC area, Alysia balanced two areas: music and languages, fully embracing the call on her life to minister through music to the peoples of the world – echoing the saving power of the Gospel message of Jesus Christ.

Alysia began full-time music ministry as a worship leader at Northern Virginia mega- church McLean Bible in 2009 and eventually became the Director of Creative Arts for two of their satellite campuses. During her tenure until , she established robust, thriving creative-tech teams ranging from praise teams and choirs to camera, lighting and media crews. She continued to lead worship and develop teams at Capital Church, where she served until September of 2020.


She is now signed with Adarga Entertainment Group, a Christian Entertainment company marketing artists in the Latin Gospel/CCM genre, and is pursuing her music and ministry full-time.

"I've never known anyone whose creativity flows like that of Alysia. She is a Vesuvius of musical giftedness."

                                                             - Marty McCall, First Call

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